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date cbd snickers

Date Snickers

Serves 10, V, GF

Hands-on time: 10mins
Total time: 55 mins

Recipe By Belle Porter

ISO CBD Product Used


8-10 medjool dates
1 X 100g bar of dark chocolate
1ml of 2000mg Natural ISO CBD Oil
8-10 salted peanuts
Sea salt
Crushed almonds/hazelnuts for topping


1. Grab some dates
2. Fill them with peanut butter
3. Add a little peanut for added crunch
4. Freeze whilst you prepare the chocolate
5. Melt your chocolate of choice and stir 1ml of 2000mg Natural ISO CBD oil
6. Smother the date in the CBD chocolate
7. Top with crushed nuts
8. Freeze for 45mins
9. Enjoy!

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