Here we talk with Dr Dan Clarke, an organic chemistry expert who has advised us on our work here at ISO CBD, and is an advocate of our products.

Organic chemistry and CBD expert - Dr Dan Clarke


Hi Dan, please give us a bit of an overview of your background in medicine and how that led to an interest in the use of CBD for health and wellbeing.

I began with a general interest in science as a child, particularly chemistry. This led me to A levels and a university degree in Medicinal Chemistry and a PhD in Green Chemistry with Organic Chemistry.

A significant portion of this PhD was about using supercritical CO2, which is a fabulous medium for extraction of natural botanicals and other organic ingredients. Over the course of my professional career, this has allowed me the opportunity to explore the world of CBD, methods for extraction from hemp, and formulation of products.


In the last 3 or 4 years, many countries, including 19+ in Europe, Canada, and many US states have legalised the sale and use of CBD. What do you think has brought about this change across so many territories in a relatively short space of time?

I think it’s an awakening and an acknowledgment of the acceptance of CBD as having genuine positive impacts on people’s lives. It’s not for everyone, but each to their own, and for those who choose to use CBD can now have a wider choice of products and ways to enjoy CBD in an acceptable daily manner.

It can only be a good thing. A more competitive market will drive up quality, whilst keeping cost down to the consumers.


If you take CBD, yourself, what prompted you to do so and what benefits have you noticed?

I have seen some close friends and family experience the benefits of it and I’m a firm believer in it as a product.

I don’t use it regularly, but I have used it from time to time to help regulate my sleep.


For what do you think that CBD could be most beneficial?

I don’t use the term “medical” in connection with CBD, as for years it was considered to be incorrect to talk about CBD as medicine.

I prefer to talk about it in terms of lifestyle benefits. I think top of the list for me are for improving sleep, and aiding people with anxiety.

I’ve had friends who have shown enormous improvements in these areas who swear by the benefits of CBD as part of their lifestyle. I’ve also spent time with a company who have done some remarkable work with soldiers suffering from PTSD, who have had a huge upturn in the quality of their lives from using CBD.


For someone considering the use of CBD supplements for the first time, are there any words of caution and key points to bear in mind?

Choose a quality brand. Don’t buy cheap – buy a recommended, well-known brand and stick to the recommended dose.

Using more doesn’t mean greater benefits. And give it some time. It’s not an overnight success – the benefits are something that improves and you feel over time, so give it a month at least and assess the success of CBD for you at the end of a month.

Are there any specific studies that you feel have had a particularly convincing set of results for advocating the use of CBD supplements?

Not really. All studies have their own slants depending on who’s funding them. I’ve spent years in the pharmaceutical industry, so I’m a little cynical about studies unless they are VERY wide ranging across a number of years, demographics and different brands of CBD products.


If someone is generally fit, healthy and feeling well, are there any ways they could still benefit from adding CBD to their daily or weekly regime?

CBD is a personal thing, much like taking vitamins or other health supplements. I am generally fit and healthy and have used it from time to time to help regulate my sleep.

A general feeling of relaxation at the end of a particularly long and arduous day can be a pleasant sensation.


You are obviously very interested in and follow the field of CBD supplementation. Who else do you feel are leaders in this field – whether within or outside the medical profession?

I think you need to break down the CBD world into various sections. Are you looking for a lifestyle water-based drink product or do you want a more a topical skin screen? Maybe a tincture of CBD in MCT oil? They all have their own leaders.

I’m a big fan of ISO CBD at, as I’ve seen the steps you’ve taken to make sure you’re producing the highest quality product and offering it at a really good price.

If I was going to become a regular CBD user I’d use this product as I’d be a tincture user in MCT oil as opposed to an emulsified product or a cream or drink.

There’s also a super drinks company called Little Rick at that I like. They’re producing some great products that you can enjoy in the evening to relax.

There’s a company called Blu that has done some good trials that I mentioned earlier with treating soldiers with PTSD. It’s a very worthwhile cause.


In the UK and many other territories now, CBD oil and other supplements are widely available, even on the high street. Where do you see the future of its use going now?

I think the market will continue to grow through the same methods and outlets. Supermarkets was a huge step for the industry – it took it mainstream. Online sales will continue to grow – and the industry with it.

It’s about getting product to the consumers that want to use it daily, and all the time. Online shopping is around and at everyone’s fingertips – I think this will be the way forward.


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